About Anarak

Anarak Caravanserai

In the old Town of Anarak county, located 200 Km from Isfahan province, an impressive historical Caravanserai welcomes you. The caravanserai is one of 999 caravanserais built on the order of Shah Abbas I. The city abound in pomegranate and that’s why it is called Anarak (literally home to pomegranate). The city has a long history and 2500-year-old Nakhlak lead mine verifies the claim. Today you can find remnants of lead melting furnaces around the county.”Sile choo” rocky mountain works as a great natural rock walls for adventurous rock climbers. Rooms of 4-Iwan caravanserai are set around a large courtyard. Thanks to vaulted roof, 5-person room doesn’t need air conditioner and guests can enjoy natural ventilation. Room is simply carpeted and has maintained its wood windows and doors. It also offers comfortable bed, sofa and private bathroom/toilet for a convenient stay.

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