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About Us | Nika Travel agency

It is all about adventure. That is what Nika Travel was founded upon and what the company is still all about. Discovering Iran cultures, environments, cities, mountain ranges, deserts, coasts and jungles; exploring this amazing country we all live on.

Nika Travel LTD is a travel company which established in 2010. As a leading travel company specialized in incoming & outgoing tours from/to Iran, we endeavors to promote exchange and interaction between people domestically and abroad. We provide best services and high professionalism in the field of tourism. With experienced management and staff, our agency is now one of the largest travel service providers, providing extraordinary facilities for travelers to Iran.

Our office comprises of the following departments:

  • Management
  • Outgoing department
  • Incoming department
  • Ticketing department, domestic & international
  • Accounting department
  • Marketing department

The manager and the staff of Nika Travel take every effective step to effort to maintain maximum quality of services and provide them a memorable traveling experience.

To be innovators, leaders and creative in the concepts of travel, positioning ourselves in the market within the best incoming tour operators in Iran. We consider it our mission, to play our part by promoting cultural exchange between Iran and the peoples of the world and contribute to the realization of Iran as a tourism-oriented country. Surely we redefined the word “Hospitality” as an active member of IATA .

Outgoing department:

This section organizes and make schedule tour to Europe and other countries of client’s interest

Close & trustful cooperation with countries’ embassies in Tehran, enable us to have different tours to Europe and other continents including touristic, business & administrative tours.

Incoming department:

This section operates various types of tours to Iran, including nomads, historical, adventure &…

Incoming department has different groups from all over the world. We always personalize the programmes and adjust them to meet the guests’ desires. 

Incoming statistics:

Ticketing section:

  • Domestic flights (within Iran)
  • International flights

We are IATA member and stock holder of international and domestic airlines since 2010.


Our services:

  • Hotel reservation(a collection of the best hotels all over Iran)
  • Domestic & international flights (Turkish, Lufthansa, Austrian, Emirates Airlines…..)
  • Visa reference code for individuals & delegations
  • Multilingual expert tour guides(almost no matter which language your travelers speak)
  • A-class tourist coaches(experienced English speaking drivers, bus equipped with Wi-Fi internet )
  • Business conference meetings (preparation, negotiation)



Mr. Amir Ajami, with more than 27 years of experience in tourism industry has had the following responsibilities:

  • Official authorized representative of Payam Airline in Dubai
  • Sales manager of Federal Express in Iran
  • Sales manager of Balkan Air
  • Sales manager of Austrian Airlines
  • Founder & Managing director of Nika travel